Dagestan Tur (goat) hunting

3895 $

Dagestan Tur (goat) hunting – Duration 5 days
Hunting Period: April - November

This hunting tour will take place in highlands of Big Caucasus.
The guests will be hosted in Guest Houses or Tents

Hunting will be by sniper weapon that guests must bring their own. Weapon rentals can be provided at the rate from 40 to 80 USD/ per day

All permits (import of weapons and export of trophy) are obtained by operator.

Price list:

Includes: licenses for shooting, import of weapon, export of trophy, tents or hunting lodges, food, hotel in Baku , transport costs, guides, all meals and beverages, all necessary gear for cooking, farewell dinner in Baku.

Compensation of license fee shall be paidback  if no trophy is obtained due to non-hunter fault.

For more information please contact us: director@ptc.az, mob:+994 50 3101011