As a cornerstone of its business the Paramount Travel Club has established the following principles:

·        Tourism and leisure should be affordable by everyone and therefore products for all social and income groups shall be developed;

·        Quality of product shall be absolute, as we have a triple responsibility for not letting down people way from home;

·        We don’t use lack of information by customer to generate extraprofits and/or sell high-risk tourist packages;

·        We don’t make a fortune on one customer but a small margin on many;

·        Our business should not be short-sighted and should not concentrate on immediate financial benefits. We shall grow together with our customers and take care of their needs and well-being;

·        We shall understand that we represent our country and in our operations feel the pride for our country, improve its image at all levels via “people diplomacy”;

·        The principle “Guest is a gift of God” shall be a cornerstone to determine our highest value given to everyone, independent of financial standing, social status, skin, race, sex, believes or other differences;

·        The foreign tourist is not a cash machine, but the Person who is spending his time and money to visit our country, despite of other multiple alternatives all around the world;

·        Our citizens are entrusting their holidays and travel to us, so it is our mission to treat their vacations and travels with more attention than of our own

·        Competition with other market players shall be done with honor, using the entire range of intellectual abilities and professional skills. Our competitors are our teachers, not enemies.