Azerbaijan is located in the Caucasus, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, just between Russia and Iran, and also bordering with Georgia, Turkey and Armenia by the land, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan by the sea.

The country of 9 mln. population has a total area of 86.9 thousand sq. kilometers, 9 climate zones, great natural resources and landscape, internationally recognized culture, historical monuments from UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list,  high level of personal security, multinational and multireligious community.

Azerbaijan can offer sun& beach, fruits and sport events in the summer, skiing in mountains in the winter, as well as great cuisine, hospitality and exclusive oil spa all-year around. Affected by European and Asian cultures, Azerbaijan has a unique mix of western and oriental traditions in customs, culture, clothing, education, arts& crafts.

In Azerbaijan you can see the deserts filled with mud volcanoes, alpine meadows, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, marvelous lakes, endless fruit plantations and endless hospitality all over the place.

Arts & Crafts of the country are represented by carpet making, silk production, glass decorations art of shebeke, unique village with metallsmith traditions and secrets kept by centuries, music admired by almost everyone who has ever visited this country.

Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire and land of oil, has its warmth open to the world and its friends from every part of the Planet.

We hope to see you in our country some day to enjoy the authenticity of cultural experience and yet having all comforts of modern civilization.