Provision excellence in quality by setting up the highest standards of performance of unmatched value.
To become industry leader in Azerbaijani tourism and source of pride of belonging to our associates, partners and customers
Social Responsibility
We feel the ultimate responsibility before our citizens, foreign visitors and our country in provision of top level of hospitality and services that would promote Azerbaijan worldwide. We are determined to preserve our nature, promote our culture and country to the world at best possible standards of quality and safety.As a Paramount Travel Club,
Committment  to Environment
We are committed to preservation of the nature, biodiversity and pollution prevention and are constantly working on development of our business processes in waste disposal, environmental protection, use of water and other resources, zero impact to nature. Our groups are instructed on environmental protection procedures when entering the Natural Reserves and Protected Areas, while interacting with nature whether for mountain climbing, picnic or else.
Social programs and sponsorships
As a responsible citizen, Paramount Travel Club is working on number of programs enhancing the professional upbringing of young tourism professionals, supporting summer practice programs at our offices and sites. We are working towards the support of orphans and people with limited physical abilities or illnesses  via organizing the day-outs and excoursions and providing an opportunities to see the different colours of life.