Capital city: Baku
Airport: Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Currency: manat (AZN). Exchange rate: 1 USD= 1.5 AZN
Banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as holidays. Some currency exchange points are operational in Baku, but there are long ques, so it is better to arrange your currency exchange during weekdays. Meanwhile, Paramount Travel Club will take care of your exchange issues if necessary
Religion: multireligious and tolerant with majority of Muslim population
Languages commonly spoken: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English
National air carrier: AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines)
Bordering states:Russia, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia (by land), Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan (by sea)
Georgia is the best country to visit along with Azerbaijan
Migration: Registration for Migration is a requirement if you plan to stay in country for more than 10 days. Non-compliance with result in penalties at the departure.
Limitations on imports: mobile phones, sigarettes, alcohol.
Limitations on exports: wine (no more than 2 bottles of wine can be exported unless bought at airport Duty Free Shop)
Automobile travellers: No tinted glass on vehicles is allowed. May be subject to fine or your transport taken to the police station.
Water:     tap water is not of drinking quality. Bottled water should be used for drinking.
Food:    great cuisine, great restaurants ranging menues from 8 to 150 USD per meal per person. Meanwhile, the street food at outskirts of Baku and in regions is not recommended.
Crime:       Negligible. Virtually no street crime (robberies, pick-pocketing etc.).
Drugs:       Illegal. Shall be registered if prescribed by the doctor
Transport: underground, high-quality Baku Bus network, “London Cab” taxis, call-center based budget tax companies are available. Your daily in town travel can be as low as 1-2 AZN as underground and Baku Bus will charge you only 0.2 AZN per trip.
Transfers to and from the airport can be by taxi, transfer service provided or by shuttle bus travelling from airport to city center every 30 minutes.The price of transfer by taxi is not more than 20 AZN (14 USD), so don’t let taxi drivers to hustle you with overcharge.
Longest holidays:  New Year (5 days)- 31 December-04 January, Novruz- Holiday of Spring (8 days)- 20-28 March.
Public events: Grand-Prix Formula-1 annually for 5 years starting 2016,  Gabala International Music Festival annually in July-August, Geychay Pompgranate Festival annually in October, Novruz festivities annually between 20-25 March, Islamic Games 2017, multiple sports and culture events, international tournaments and congresses, investment summits and business forums.
Popular souvenirs: national tea glasses (armudu), traditionally produced hand-made silk scarfs with national ornament, carpets and carpet items of various size and patterns, eco-jams, honey, wine, cooking species and herbs.
“Must see” places in Baku: Old City, Maiden’s Tower, Ateshgah (Fire Worshippers’ Temple), Gala Museum Complex, Yanardag (Burning Mountain), city center walk routes, Gobustan Petroglyphs Museum, Carpet Museum, Baku Boulevard.​